Educating, Inspiring and Empowering Women in Business

Acceler8 is a business improvement program designed to educate, inspire and empower women in business. Our mission is to ensure you have more money, more time and less stress in your life. We do this by improving your financial literacy. You are fully supported through all our programs. We are fully committed to ensuring you achieve genuine results.


Acceler8 Academy

For women who want to improve their financial literacy and accelerate their business growth. This 12 month business improvement program is delivered by Tanya Titman and her team of specialists. We guarantee you will see a 30% lift in profit over the 12 month program.

Online Courses

Self-paced, online education courses designed for women who want to fill a knowledge gap. Learn at your own pace in an environment that suits you. You are fully supported with an online mentor, financial monitoring and facilitated forums that connect you with other women in business.

Learning Centre

Building a business is a journey of discovery. It is often difficult to know where to start. The Acceler8 Learning Centre is full of videos, articles, tools, checklists and resources for women at each stage of their business journey – start up, entrepreneur and established.

Understand your numbers

Acceler8 courses teach you how to understand your business’s financial information. Stop making business decisions based on “gut feel” and how much money is in your bank account. Start making informed, strategic decisions based on a clear understanding of your true financial position.

Increase your business confidence

Acceler8 creates empowered, confident business women who have a strategic plan for growth. Most women want to grow their business but don’t know how. The Acceler8 program demystifies the process and shows you how. With knowledge comes power and the confidence to execute your plan.

Multiple pathways for learning

Everyone learns differently. We have created several pathways to improve your financial literacy and grow your business. Our Learning Centre is a library of videos, stories, tools, apps and technology. The Online Courses are perfect for those who prefer self-paced learning. Acceler8 Academy is a face-to-face learning environment exclusively for women.

Join our peer support network

Sometimes being a woman in business can be lonely. Who do you turn to for solutions to problems, new ideas or “how to” advice? The Acceler8 program creates an environment of supportive peer based learning, that fosters collaboration, connection and networking.

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The Acceler8 Program is created by business women for business women

Tanya Titman

Acceler8 Founder and
Business Turnaround Specialist

Rebecca White

Sales, Marketing and
Public Relations Specialist

Shelley van Hoos

Human Resources and
Extended DISC Specialist

Kana Mizue

Financial Specialist and
Support Mentor

Angela Sibly

Financial Specialist and
Support Mentor

Catherine Young

Acceler8 Customer
Support Specialist

“I wanted to join a network of female business owners. Tanya’s Acceler8 Academy Program, with its practical, real world approach and focus on the numbers, was a perfect fit.”
Jodie Parker

Iceberg Events

“With Tanya’s guidance through the Acceler8 Academy Program I’ve learnt what steps were needed to modernise our business and improve its value.”
Laurice Woods

Janitor Supplies

“Something that really resonated is what Tanya calls the Power of One. A 1% increase in price and volume plus a 1% decrease in expenses = 28% increase in profit.”
Sharon Seymour


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“Why is understanding your financial data the foundation to all our programs? There is a direct link between financial literacy and business success. Most women go into business with great ideas and passion but a limited understanding of their numbers. Without a clear understanding your financial position, it is easy to make bad decisions which can harm your business. That’s why every topic in the Acceler8 Program comes back to understanding your numbers.”

New to Acceler8? Start your financial education in the Learning Centre

Our Learning Centre is a library of videos, articles, tools, checklists, resources and case studies which we update regularly. The information is designed to suit women at all stages of their business journey.

•   Info for start-ups, entrepreneurs and established businesses
•   Videos, articles and stories from other business women
•   Build your professional profile
•   Connect with women from around Australia
•   Perfect place to start your financial education

Fill a knowledge gap with one of our specialised Online Courses

Understand My Numbers Course

Women go into business with great passion but often have very little understanding of their financial information. This 12 week course is designed to improve your financial literacy. When you understand your numbers, you can make the right strategic decisions about how to grow your business.

Manage My Cashflow Course

Cashflow (or lack of it) is a constant challenge for all business women. It’s a critical factor which can lead to the success or demise of your business. This 12 week course gives you the tools and knowledge of how to predict and manage your cashflow to avoid a cashflow crisis.

Want to kick start your financial education? Enrol in Acceler8 Academy

Acceler8 Academy is for women who want to improve their financial literacy and accelerate their business growth. This 12-month business improvement program is delivered by Tanya Titman and her team of specialists. We guarantee you will see a 30% lift in profit over the 12-month program.

•   Work on your business rather than in it
•  Practical, hands-on workshop
•  Be held accountable to your action items
•  Learn from the ‘collective genius’