Acceler8 Academy Program for Women in Business

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Acceler8 Academy 12 Month Business Program

Acceler8 Academy is for women who want to improve their financial literacy and accelerate their business growth. This 12-month program is designed exclusively for women in business. Delivered by Tanya Titman and her team of specialists, this program is guaranteed to deliver a 30% improvement in your profits over the 12 month. Our mission is to ensure you have more money, more time and less stress in your life.

Understand your financial information

The Academy program focuses on improving your financial literacy because there is a direct link between business success and understanding your numbers. Most women go into business with great passion but limited financial education. Once you have a clear understand of your true financial position it’s easy to make the right strategic decisions.

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360 overhaul

360-degree overhaul of your business

Whilst the focus of Academy is on demystify your numbers, we understand to accelerate growth, you need to have the four building blocks for success in place. Financial Management, Sales and Marketing, Human Resources and Operations. To achieve growth, you need the foundation of each building block securely in place.

Personal Financial Controller

During the Academy Program you’ll be allocated a Financial Controller who will monitor your business’s financial performance. Whilst we teach you how to understand your numbers, an experienced accountant is reviewing your finances in the background. Their job is to flag any issues, like a blow out in your debtor days which could lead to a cashflow crisis. Or a drop in your gross profit which could mean your costs have increased.

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We hold you accountable

We make sure you get things done. All of the ladies in our Academy are held accountable to three action items each month. You decide what those task should be. We check in to make sure you’re getting those tasks done. It’s amazing how three small changes implemented each month builds to massive improvements over the 12 months.

Tap into the Collective Genius

Women do business differently (particularly to men). We like to work with other business women. We’re happy to share our experience, offer advice, provide positive reinforcement and support. Women participating in Acceler8 Academy all benefit from what we call the “Collective Genius”. The collective wisdom of your peer support is a powerful thing.

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Interested in an Academy Program 2019 intake?

The Acceler8 Academy Program intakes on group of 30 – 40 business women each year. Our next intakes will be in April and July 2019 and we welcome all Australian business women to register their interest. Registering means you are kept in the loop about enrolment dates.

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Guaranteed Profit Increase

Learning outcomes in the Acceler8 Academy Financial Education Program

Acceler8 Academy is all about improving your financial literacy and accelerating business growth. Each month we tackle a new topic, each month builds on the knowledge acquired in the previous month. The program is extremely practical. We understand your lives are busy, there is no “homework”, all activities are done in the session. Here is a list of the topics we address each month and the learning outcomes you’ll achieve.

Big Picture Planning

We start by calculating how much money you need to be wealthy, your risk profile and how to restructure financial statements.

Deep Dive into Financial Strategy

Building a financial strategy starts with understanding your numbers, we review your revenue, expenses, pricing and capacity.

Growth, Profit and Cashflow

Understand the difference between profit and cashflow, where your profit went and the different stages of business growth.

Funding Decisions

You need cash to fund growth. We review tradition and emerging funding options and assess the best choice for you.

Define your Target Market

Identify your ‘ideal’ customer, define your ‘buyer personas’ and find ways to attract more of the right kind of customers.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Understand the power of digital marketing. Learn how to optimize your website, build a Google profile and measure your success.

Social Media Marketing

Build a community of ideal customers. Learn how to create a social media strategy and tools to streamline implementation.

Sales and Lead Management

Speed up your sales cycle. We look for opportunities to streamline and lead management solutions and help you establish a sales pipeline.

Building a Great Team

The secret to building a great team is understanding the order of recruitment, plus how and when to employ more staff.

Operational Efficiencies

Learn how to use technology to streamline operations and create more capacity so you can achieve greater efficiencies.

Valuing your Business

What is your business worth now and what could it be worth? We show you what is holding back the value of your business.

Recap and Results

We recap the key points from each module and reveal the results of your business improvement over the 12 month program.

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Download Academy Curriculum

Complete the form to get your copy of the Acceler8 Academy Program Curriculum. This booklet gives an in-depth overview of each modules and details the learning outcomes, tools and resources you will receive each month.

We guarantee the Acceler8 Academy will deliver a 30% increase in your business profits over the 12 month program.

Meet the mentors who deliver the Acceler8 Academy Program

tanya team
Tanya Titman

Acceler8 Founder and
Business Turnaround Specialist

rebecca team
Rebecca White

Sales, Marketing and
Public Relations Specialist

shelley team
Shelley van Hoos

Human Resources and
Extended DISC Specialist

Kana Mizue

Financial Specialist and
Support Mentor

angela home
Angela Sibly

Financial Specialist and
Support Mentor

cath team
Catherine Young

Acceler8 Customer
Support Specialist

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“I wanted to join a network of female business owners. Tanya’s Acceler8 Academy Program, with its practical, real world approach and focus on the numbers, was a perfect fit.”
Jodie Parker

Iceberg Events

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“With Tanya’s guidance through the Acceler8 Academy Program I’ve learnt what steps were needed to modernise our business and improve its value.”
Laurice Woods

Janitor Supplies

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“Something that really resonated is what Tanya calls the Power of One. A 1% increase in price and volume plus a 1% decrease in expenses = 28% increase in profit.”
Sharon Seymour


New to Acceler8? Start your financial education in the Learning Centre

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Our Learning Centre is a library of videos, articles, tools, checklists, resources and case studies which we update regularly. The information is designed to suit women at all stages of their business journey.

•   Info for start-ups, entrepreneurs and established businesses
•   Videos, articles and stories from other business women
•   Build your professional profile
•   Connect with women from around Australia
•   Perfect place to start your financial education

Not ready for Acceler8 Academy? Try our Online Courses first.

umn course hero
Understand My Numbers Course

Women go into business with great passion but often have very little understanding of their financial information. This 12 week course is designed to improve your financial literacy. When you understand your numbers, you can make the right strategic decisions about how to grow your business.

MMC course hero
Manage My Cashflow Course

Cashflow (or lack of it) is a constant challenge for all business women. It’s a critical factor which can lead to the success or demise of your business. This 12 week course gives you the tools and knowledge of how to predict and manage your cashflow to avoid a cashflow crisis.

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