Acceler8 Academy Program for Women in Business

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Acceler8 Academy 12 Month Business Program

Academy is a 12 month financial education and business growth program designed exclusively for women in business. It is perfect for women who want to improve their financial literacy and accelerate their business growth. Our mission is to ensure women have more money, more time and less stress in their lives.

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Academy is a financial education and business growth program for women in business. It is perfect for women who want to improve their financial literacy and accelerate their business growth. The program begins with financial management then moves onto improving the other building blocks of business success, sales and marketing, human resources and business operations. With these foundations in place, your business is set up to achieve significant growth.

Who should attend Academy Program?

  • Female founders of small to medium sized businesses
  • Established business owners considering exit strategy
  • Entrepreneurs or start ups with global ambitions
  • Women with a growth mindset – business and personal
  • Key staff – General Manager or Financial Controller
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When women understand their numbers, amazing things happen.

Alison Rogers | Vocal Manoeuvres

Vocal Manoeuvres Academy Director, Alison Rogers, gained the faith and confidence from Academy Program that was required to commit fully to her business and turn it around.

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Bev Kinghorn | The Asset Group

Academy Program graduate, Bev Kinghorn, not only challenged her critical thinking when it came to strategic decisions within “The Asset Group” with Freedom Property – she also experienced great personal growth.

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Ali Sheppard | AJ Collective

Ali Sheppard, founder of The AJ Collective, turned her ‘side hustle’ into a profitable business. She credits her recent victories to her improved financial literacy and confidence in her numbers, as a result of Academy Program.

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Improve your Financial Literacy

The Academy Program focuses on improving your financial literacy because there is a direct link between business success and understanding your numbers. Most women go into business with great passion but limited financial education. With a clear understating of your true financial position it ‘s easy to make informed strategic decisions about growing your business.

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Implement growth strategies

Whilst the focus of Academy is on demystify your numbers, to achieve sustainable business growth, you need to have a strong foundation in the four building blocks of business success: Financial Management, Sales and Marketing, Human Resources and Business Operations. This program addresses each building block to set you up for business growth.

Be held accountable

We make sure you get things done. All of the ladies in Academy are connected with a Financial Specialist who calls you once a month to ensure you’re implementing what you’ve learnt. It’s amazing how three small changes implemented each month builds to massive improvements over a 12 month journey.

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Tap into the Collective Genius

Women do business differently (particularly to men). We like to work with other business women. We’re happy to share our experience, offer advice and provide positive feedback. We thrive in a network of like-minded women. Everyone in Academy benefits from what we call the “Collective Genius”. The collective wisdom of your peer support is a powerful thing.

What will I learn in each workshop?

Each month we tackle a new topic, each month builds on the knowledge acquired in the previous month. The program is extremely practical. We understand your lives are busy, there is no “homework”, all activities are done in the session. Here is a list of the topics we address each month and the learning outcomes you’ll achieve.

1. Big Picture Planning
We start our growth journey by defining your business purpose, reflecting on the past and planning for future to create a strategic growth plan with specific, measurable goals for next 12 months.

2. Deep Dive into Financial Strategy
Building a financial strategy starts with understanding your numbers. We review your revenue, expenses, pricing and capacity, to build a budget that makes a profit and pay you a decent wage.

3. Revenue, Profit and Cashflow
Understand the difference between profit and cashflow, where your profit went and the different stages of business growth. Build a 52 week forecast tool to avoid a cashflow crisis.

4. Funding Decisions
You need cash to fund growth but the options for securing funding are complex. We review tradition and emerging funding options and assess the best choice for your business.

5. Define Your Target Market
Identify your ‘ideal’ customer, review your existing customers and define your ‘buyer personas’ for niche marketing. With this in place, you can start building a powerful marketing machine.

6. Digital Marketing Strategy
Understand the power of digital marketing. Learn how to optimise your website and Google profile. Ensure you know how to measure the success of these digital marketing strategies.

7. Social Media Marketing
Social media is a great way to connect with your ideal customer and build a community. Create a social media strategy, review tools to streamline implementation and measure results.

8. Sales and Lead Management
Once your marketing machine starts delivering ideal customers, your sales process comes critical. We look for opportunities to streamline and automate to ensure every lead is converted.

9. Building a Great Team
Understand how and when to grow your team to ensure your business has the right people in the right place to maximise grow. Improve your leadership and communication style.

10. Operational Efficiencies
You will learn how to use technology to achieve operational efficiencies in all areas of your business: Human Resources, Administration, Information Technology, Sales, Marketing and Finance.

11. Valuing Your Business
What is your business worth now and what could it be worth? We demystify the process of valuing a business and discuss options for exit strategy and succession plans.

12. Recap and Results
We recap the key points of each topic and give you the opportunity to revise the learning. We celebrate your results and reflect on how far you and your business has grown over the last 12 months.

The Acceler8 Hub Online Learning Platform

As well as a full-day workshop each month, you also gain access to our online learning platform. This contains all course materials, resources and helpful tools to help you improve your financial literacy and accelerate your business growth.

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