Avoid a Cashflow Crisis Workshop

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Avoid a Cashflow Crisis

90% of Australia’s Small Business failures are due to poor cash flow. Make sure yours isn’t one of them. Take control of your finances, build a cash flow forecast plan so you see the crisis coming and strategies to keep your business buoyant.

Thur 26 Mar

9.00am – 4.30pm


Cash flow can sink any business. It’s possible to go broke whilst making a profit. This one day workshop is an opportunity to take control of your financial situation and learn how to manage your cash flow. Tanya Titman, will help you build a 52 week forecast plan for your startup or small business to ensure you can see the crisis coming and have strategies to deploy immediately to ensure your business stays buoyant.

Who should attend?

  • Business owners struggling to stay on top of cash flow
  • Entrepreneurs wanting to understand cash flow
  • Financial Controllers who manage a business’ finances
  • Bookkeepers wanting to educate their clients

And anyone who relates to:

  • Struggling to pay wages, BAS or superannuation
  • Not paying yourself a salary to keep the business afloat
  • Dipping into personal savings to help the business
  • Relying on ‘trading through’ a crisis
Cash Flow Video Series: Five common cash flow mistakes
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We cover four cash flow fundamentals in this workshop

How to speed up cash flow cycle
We show you levers you can pull to speed up your business’ cash flow cycle. A faster cycle means a healthier business.

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Get money in the bank fast
You’ll be introduced to tools and apps that will help you get money into your bank accounts faster and reduce your debtor days.

cash flow strategies

Strategies to improve cash flow
Tanya will share seven proven strategies you can implement immediately that will improve your business’ cash flow.

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Create a cash flow forecast
Learn step-by-step how to build a cashflow forecast plan so you can identify impending crises before they occur.