Business Coaching for Women in Business

Business coaching for women who want to grow and scale

Acceler8 Program is designed exclusively for Women in Business. Our mission is to ensure you have more money, more time and less stress in your lives. Tanya Titman is a mentor and business coach with 20+ years of real world experience. She created Acceler8 to help women build scalable businesses that deliver sustainable growth. To achieve business growth – you need to understand your numbers. To scale your business – you need leverage. Tanya Titman and the team of Acceler8 specialists will teach you how to do both.

Acceler8 is different to every other business coaching course.

What’s unique about us?

We teach women in business how to understand their numbers. Why is understanding your financial data the foundation to all our programs?

There is a direct link between financial literacy and business success. Without a clear understanding your financial position, it is easy to make bad decisions which can harm your business. That’s why every topic in the Acceler8 Program comes back to understanding your numbers.

We’re all about improving women’s financial literacy.

We believe female entrepreneurs are more likely to achieve the success they deserve if they start making informed, strategic decisions based on a clear understanding of their business’ real financial position.
Most women go into business with great passion and commitment to hard work but often they have very little understanding of how to use financial information to drive business decisions.

When did you last review your Balance Sheet? Do you understand the relationship between a Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet and Cashflow in your business? Can you tell us your breakeven point? Or which product or service is your most profitable?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Which is why we created the Academy Program.

This unique business coaching program is designed exclusively for women in business. It’s delivered by women who understand what it’s really like to juggle work, life, kids, school, husbands, partners and stay sane.

We’re so confident the Academy Program will accelerate your business growth it’s backed by a guarantee. Here’s our promise to you. Every participant in the Academy Program will see a 30% increase in their business profit over the 12 month program.
Success stories from business women who have completed Academy Program
Tanya Titman is an experienced business coach and mentor with over 20 years of real world experience.

Tanya is an experienced business coach and mentor with over 20 years of real world experience. She runs multiple businesses with a team of over 25 staff. Innovation has been the cornerstone of her success. Tanya is renowned for her initiatives to support women in the workplace and is credited with creating Brisbane’s first self-funded onsite childcare facility for her team.

Innovation has been the cornerstone of her success. Tanya is renowned for her initiatives to support women in the workplace and is credited with creating Brisbane’s first self-funded onsite childcare facility for her team.

Credited as a business turnaround specialist, Tanya has a unique ability to use financial information to get to the heart of what’s preventing a business owner from achieving success.

She’s renowned for pulling businesses apart and putting them back together.

Through the Acceler8 Program, Tanya is supported by a team of Specialists. Women who have been in business themselves with experience in their own field – Financial Controllers, Sales and Marketing, Graphic Design, Operations, Technology, HR and Extended DISC Profiling.

The Acceler8 Program is delivered by women in business exclusively to business women
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business growth booklet
Download Business Growth Booklet

Curious about which growth stage your business is currently in? Tanya Titman explains the six growth stages in a female founder’s business journey.

What is difference between a Business Coach and a Business Mentor? How do I know which is right for me?

Many women in business are searching for a Business Coach without understanding exactly what kind of business advisor they really need.

If you are searching for an advisor to help you in your business journey, then understanding the different role an external business advisor play may help pin point exactly what you need.

There are four different roles that an external business advisor can play:
  • Coach
  • Facilitator
  • Mentor
  • Consultant
Business Coach

A Business Coach is someone who helps you find your way. They will ‘coach’ you through the tough times, ask the right questions to get you to the best answers. Business Coach is ideal if you know what to do but are having trouble getting your thoughts in line and need someone to keep you accountable. Just don’t expect them to have all the answers!

Business Mentor

A Business Mentor is someone who uses their personal and business experience to illustrate a point and help you grow. They act as a sounding board for business owners to check in with and make sure they are on track.

Business Facilitator

A Facilitator is someone who works with a group of people. They use a variety of techniques to draw information from the participants to find answers. Facilitation is a great way to bring out ‘group thinking’. Drawing on the experience and knowledge of a group helps to discover new ideas, consider different views and share the journey in a supported environment.

Business Consultant

A Consultant is someone who gathers information, assesses the situation and then tells you what to. Consultants are great to have on board to give direction. They tell you what to do when you are not sure how to proceed.

Many business owners will need different advisors for different situations in their business journey.

A great business advisor is one that can adapt to each of these roles as and when required.

When designing Acceler8 Academy, our 12-month business improvement and financial education program, we were aware it needed to be more than a business coaching program. That is why we have incorporated all four elements into the learning.

The Acceler8 Academy Program guarantees results. We can do this because:

  • There is a high level of accountability (think business coach),
  • In an environment that taps into the ‘collective genius’ (think facilitator),
  • It is run by a business woman with plenty of experience and a war chest of stories to share (think business mentor), and;
  • When you find yourself in a situation that you don’t know what to do, we provide all the analytical tools, support and guidance to ensure you make the right decision (think consultant).
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Download Academy Curriculum

Complete the form to get your copy of the Acceler8 Academy Program Curriculum. This booklet gives an in-depth overview of each modules and details the learning outcomes, tools and resources you will receive each month.

Acceler8 Academy is a unique business program that ticks all the boxes and delivers results for women in business.
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Business Growth Video Series

There are six stages in a business women’s growth journey. We’ve created a video series which gives you an in-depth overview of each business growth stage.

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