Business Growth Program

Business Growth Program

This 12 month Business Growth Program provides business leaders with a strategic framework for business and personal growth. In addition to enhancing financial management skills, the program also aligns sales and marketing strategies, human resource management and business operations to deliver a strategic growth plan.

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The Business Growth Program is ideal for leaders with a growth mindset who want to achieve business and personal growth. The program delivers a successful framework for business growth starting with improving your financial acumen. To achieve business growth, you must align the four building blocks of business success: sales and marketing, human resources, business operations as well as financial management.

The Program provides a framework for strategic business growth

Unlike other growth strategies, our framework is firmly grounded in understanding your financials. Before contemplating any growth plans, you need an in-depth understanding of your businesses financial position – the financial drivers, the true cost of delivering your product or service, your pricing strategy. Do you have enough cash flow to sustain the growth? If not, what’s the funding gap and how do you plan to fund the shortfall?

Whilst our program focuses on improving your financial acumen it also delivers a strategic framework for growth that ensures the four building blocks of business success are aligned with your growth plan.

The building blocks of business success

bgp bb financial

Financial Management
Build a financial strategy that delivers business growth and a cashflow plan to support this business goal.

•  Set strategic goals
•  Build a financial strategy
•  Stages of business growth
•  Profit and cashflow

bgp bb marketing

Sales and Marketing
Build a marketing strategy that delivers ideal customers into an automated sales pipeline to support growth plans.

•  Define your target markets
•  Build a digital strategy
•  Create social media strategy
•  Sales and lead management

bgp bb hr

Human Resources
Learn how to build a high-performance team through leverage, communication and enhanced leadership skills

•  Lead a high-performance team
•  Enhance your leadership skills
•  Communication styles
•  Write HR systems and process

bgp bb ops

Business Operations
Achieve greater operational efficiencies in all areas of your business to support plans to achieve business growth

•  Operational efficiencies
•  Time management techniques
•  Technology solutions
•  Systems for business growth

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Download Program Curriculum

Complete the form to get your copy of the Business Growth Program Curriculum. This booklet gives an in-depth overview of each workshop and details the learning outcomes, tools and resources you receive each month.


Business leaders who have completed the program

Business Growth Program is suitable for business leader from startups to well-established businesses selling products or service. Typically, the business owner attends each workshop. Some businesses send a key person like their General Manager or Operations Manager.

Testimonial from David Judge, Director at Affordable Staff

david judge testimonial 1

“I have to say, these are, by far the most valuable workshops. They have had a huge benefit to our business in many ways. Whilst I knew we were growing, we didn’t have transparency that all of us could see and understand how we’re going today and in the future.

We are using and referring to the cash flow forecast every week. We’re also using it to project future purchases/growth plans and to understand how we will sit financially. Awesome!!!”

Attend a free Business Growth Program information session

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Improve financial management skills

Every strategic plan for growth should start with understanding your businesses true financial position. Exceptional business leaders have excellent financial management skills even those who outsource the finance function. We ensure you understand the financial implication of every business decision you make.

bgp fin mgmt
bgp growth strategies
Implement business growth strategies

Businesses can fail at any stage of their growth journey. What’s critical to achieving sustainable growth is ensuring the four building blocks of business success are aligned with your growth plans. As well as enhancing your financial management skills, this program teaches you how to build strategic sales and marketing campaigns, human resource management and derive operational efficiencies.

Achieve professional growth

High performing teams start with a business leader who knows how to leverage their time and empower their people. The Business Growth Program entrusts business owners and key personnel with critical knowledge about how to improve your leadership style, create cohesive communication within your business or department and build a management team to execute strategic growth plans.

bgp prof growth
bgp accountability
Accountability and clarity

With so many balls in the air, it’s hard to make sure you’re focused on “the most important thing”. Everyone in the Business Growth Program is allocated a Financial Specialist who connects with you once a month to ensure you’re implementing what you’ve learnt. It’s amazing how three small changes implemented each month builds to a massive improvement over a 12-month journey.

Interested in enrolling in the next Program intake?

The Business Growth Program intakes a group of 30 – 40 business owners each year. Our next intake will be April and July 2019 and we welcome all business owners to register their interest. Registering means you are kept in the loop about enrolment dates.

What will I learn in each workshop?

Each month we tackle a new topic, each month builds on the knowledge acquired in the previous month. The program is extremely practical. We understand your lives are busy, there is no “homework”, all activities are done in the session. Here is a list of the topics we address each month and the learning outcomes you’ll achieve.

1. Big Picture Planning
We start our growth journey by defining your business purpose, reflecting on the past and planning for future to create a strategic growth plan with specific, measurable goals for next 12 months.

2. Deep Dive into Financial Strategy
Building a financial strategy starts with understanding your numbers. We review your revenue, expenses, pricing and capacity, to build a budget that makes a profit and pay you a decent wage.

3. Growth, Profit and Cashflow
Understand the difference between profit and cashflow, where your profit went and the different stages of business growth. Build a 52 week forecast tool to avoid a cashflow crisis.

4. Funding Decisions
You need cash to fund growth but the options for securing funding are complex. We review tradition and emerging funding options and assess the best choice for your business.

5. Define Your Target Market
Identify your ‘ideal’ customer, review your existing customers and define your ‘buyer personas’ for niche marketing. With this in place, you can start building a powerful marketing machine.

6. Digital Marketing Strategy
Understand the power of digital marketing. Learn how to optimise your website and Google profile. Ensure you know how to measure the success of these digital marketing strategies.

7. Social Media Marketing
Social media is a great way to connect with your ideal customer and build a community. Create a social media strategy, review tools to streamline implementation and measure results.

8. Sales and Lead Management
Once your marketing machine starts delivering ideal customers, your sales process comes critical. We look for opportunities to streamline and automate to ensure every lead is converted.

9. Building a Great Team
Understand how and when to grow your team to ensure your business has the right people in the right place to maximise grow. Improve your leadership and communication style.

10. Operational Efficiences
You will learn how to use technology to achieve operational efficiencies in all areas of your business: Human Resources, Administration, Information Technology, Sales, Marketing and Finance.

11. Valuing Your Business
What is your business worth now and what could it be worth? We demystify the process of valuing a business and discuss options for exit strategy and succession plans.

12. Recap and Results
We recap the key points of each topic and give you the opportunity to revise the learning. We celebrate your results and reflect on how far you and your business has grown over the last 12 months.

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