Does every business woman need a business coach?

Many business owners are searching for a Business Coach without understanding exactly what kind of advisor they actually need. In fact, I was not sure what a Business Coach does until several years ago, when it was explained to me. If you are searching for an advisor to assist you in your business journey then this may help pin point exactly what you need.

There are four different roles that an external business advisor can play – Coach, Facilitator, Mentor and Consultant.

Business Coach
A Business Coach is someone who helps you find your way. They will ‘coach’ you through the tough times, ask the right questions to get you to the best answers. Business Coach is ideal if you know what to do but are having trouble getting your thoughts in line and need someone to keep you accountable. Just don’t expect them to have all the answers!

Business Facilitator
A Facilitator is someone who works with a group of people. They use a variety of techniques to draw information from the participants to find answers. Facilitation is a great way to bring out ‘group thinking’. Drawing on the experience and knowledge of a group is a great way to discover new ideas, consider different points of view and share the journey in a supported environment.

Business Mentor
A Business Mentor is someone who uses their personal and business experience to illustrate a point and help you grow. They act as a sounding board for business owners to check in with and make sure they are on track.

Business Consultant
A Consultant is someone who gathers information, assesses the situation and then tells you what to. Consultants are great to have on board to give direction. They tell you what to do when you are not sure how to proceed.

When you break it down, it is clear you will need different advisors for different situations. A great business advisor is one that can adapt to each of these roles as and when required.

When designing Acceler8 Academy, our 12 month business improvement program, we were aware it needed to be more than a business coaching program. That is why we have incorporated all four elements into the learning.

The Acceler8 Academy Program guarantees results. We can do this because:

  • there is a high level of accountability (think business coach),
  • in an environment that taps into the ‘collective genius’ (think facilitator),
  • it is run by a business woman with plenty of experience and a war chest of stories to share (think business mentor), and;
  • when you find yourself in a situation that you don’t know what to do, we provide all the analytical tools, support and guidance to ensure you make the right decision (think consultant).

Acceler8 Academy is a unique business program that ticks all the boxes and delivers results.