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Acceler8 your Financial Literacy in Eight Weeks

Most small business owners go into business with great passion and commitment to hard work but very little understanding about their financial information. They often run their business based on a “gut feel”, making major decisions like purchasing equipment or hiring staff based on how much money is in their bank account. This course is designed to accelerate your financial education.

Fast Track Your Financial Education

We demystify financial terminology, concepts, ratios and ensures you understand exactly what your business’ financial reports are telling you. Research shows there is a direct correlation between successful businesses and financial literacy. When you have a clear understanding of your businesses financial position you can start making informed strategic decisions.

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Cashflow Management

Cashflow (or lack of it) is a constant challenge for all business owners. We refer to ‘cash’ as the oxygen a business needs to survive day to day. Understand the difference between profit and cashflow. Learn how to manage your cashflow to reduce sleepless nights and financial stress. If you have plans to grow, you will need enough cash to fund it.

Planning to Grow?

Our passion is to improve business owner’s financial literacy and accelerate their business growth. Each week we tackle a new topic, each week builds on the acquired knowledge. Ultimately, this course will show you how to build a budget that clarifies how to grow your business. We set revenue targets, financial KPIs and a plan to monitor your success.

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What you will learn in this Acceler8 Financial Education Course

Tanya Titman, founder of Acceler8, a business improvement and financial education program is committed to improving business owner’s financial literacy. She has created this eight week program to accelerate your financial education.

Week 1: Understanding Financial Statements

Most business owners regularly review their Profit and Loss report but rarely look at their Balance Sheet. We explain the relationship between all of your different Financial Statements.

Week 2: Structuring Financial Statements

We see a lot of Profit and Loss reports and Balance Sheets. Sadly, nine out of 10 are not structured to deliver meaningful information. We help you customise financial reports and key financial ratios.

Week 3: Cashflow Management

Cash is the oxygen you need to keep your business alive. Managing cashflow is critical to business success and financial health. We build a 12 week cashflow management forecast using a specialised tool.

Week 4: Managing Financial Obligations

Do you know what your BAS and tax obligations are? Most business owners don’t have this clarity. We show you how to manage your financial obligations so you remain compliant throughout the year.

Week 5: Balance Sheet Review

Have you ever calculated your personal net worth? Is the value of your business reflected in your Balance Sheet? We do a deep dive into your Balance Sheet so you can understand your net asset position.

Week 6: Building a Budget

We build a budget from the bottom up. First step, set a profit target, then review all operating expenses and direct costs to calculate your revenue target. We’ll also help you identify your revenue gap.

Week 7: Closing the Revenue Gap

Setting an annual revenue target is the first step. We then identify your core products, review all your revenue streams and calculate sales targets for each for the next 12 months.

Week 8: Monitoring your numbers

Understanding your numbers is just the start. Monitoring your financial information on a monthly basis will ensure everything you’ve learnt over the past eight weeks is put to good use.

Ready to accelerate your financial education in just eight weeks?

As an experienced business coach and mentor, award winning accountant with over 20 years of real world experience, Tanya Titman loves working with business owners to empower them with the knowledge of their numbers. Choose a payment option below to enrol in the course.


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“Thanks to Tanya Titman and Acceler8, my mindset has completely changed: I’m now a more decisive business owner, and much more confident in those decisions.”
Tania Withers

The Vet Shed

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“Something that really resonated is what Tanya calls the Power of One. A 1% increase in price and volume plus a 1% decrease in expenses = 28% increase in profit.”
Sharon Seymour


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“Now that we better understand what our business offers, we can market it more effectively, and drive business from our strategic vision instead of from operational decisions.”
Jackie McGrath

Smart Staff International

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Spaces are limited to 20 in this program. Business owner must be using Xero accounting software.

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Acceler8 Founder and
Business Turnaround Specialist

About the Presenter: Tanya Titman

Tanya Titman, experienced business coach and mentor, is an award winning accountant with over 20 years of real world experience. She has four lovely children and runs multiple businesses with a team of over 25 staff. Innovation has been the cornerstone of Tanya’s success. She is renowned for her initiatives to support women in the workplace and is credited with creating Brisbane’s first self funded onsite childcare facility for her team.

Tanya loves working with women in business to empower them with the knowledge of their numbers. She has a unique ability to both inspire and create accountability in order to challenge women to achieve their goals.

Combining a busy life of four children, multiple business, a husband of 21 years with his own business, multiple house renovations, charity treks and annual adventure holidays with the family, it’s a wonder Tanya has any time to sleep! She manages all this with a calmness that has us all wondering how she does it. But she will tell you it is not easy and some days are a struggle. It is this ‘warts and all’ approach that makes her a sympathetic but no nonsense mentor.