Build a Financial Roadmap Workshop

Build a Financial Roadmap

Stop looking in your rear vision mirror and start building a financial roadmap that drives future growth. Lock in top line revenue targets that deliver bottom line profit, analyse staff capacity and calculate funding gap to ensure you’re not growing broke.

Thu 28 May

9.00am – 4.30pm


In this workshop, Tanya Titman will step you through the process of building a financial roadmap that drives your business to achieve its goals. Successful business owners, not only set clear goals, they use financial data to build a plan to achieve them. They also monitor their financial results and adjust as necessary to ensure the end goals is met.

Who should attend?

  • Business owners who want to build a budget
  • Entrepreneurs wanting to validate their business
  • Financial Controllers who manage a business’ finances
  • Bookkeepers wanting to educate their clients

And anyone who want to:

  • Grow their business
  • Increase revenue and overall profitability
  • Improve cash flow management
  • Purchase assets or pay down debts
Financial Literacy Workbook

Take a day out of the business and build a financial roadmap to achieve your goals

  • Clear, measurable goal for next 12 months
  • Financial roadmap to achieve this goal
  • Checklist for regular financial management
  • Validation of pricing strategy and targets
  • What lead and lag indicators/KPIs to monitor
An in-depth look of what you will achieve in the workshop

  Set financial goals for your business
  Understand three different financial reports
  Customise your Profit and Loss report
  Customise your Balance Sheet report
  Review your financial information
  Add data to your financial strategy

  Review operating expenses (and find savings)
  Build a revenue model for the next 12 months
  Calculate staff wages and capacity
  Confirm your financial strategy
  Enter your strategy into accounting software
  Build weekly, monthly and quarterly reports

Preview the comprehensive Financial Analysis Tool
lidia dalton
“Really enjoying the workshop and love the little tips and light bulb moments that I am picking along the way!”
Lidia Dalton

Expert Events

“Such a fantastic template, very easy to navigate and understand the flow of it.”
Maddison Lawrence

“Excellent workshop, I’m feeling excited about my business moving forward”
Kate Payten

Wynnum Bearing & Bolts

Regardless of your goals, to achieve success, you need a financial plan...
goal grow
Grow the business
goal profit
Increase profit
goal staff
Employ more staff
goal cashflow
Improve cashflow
goal assets
Purchase assets
goal debt
Pay down debt
understand financial info
Test your Financial Literacy

This quiz is designed for women in business and tests your understanding of financial terms, reports, cashflow and key financial drivers in a small business.

clear goals
1. Set clear financial goals

Define where you are today, make sure you understand your financial data.

financial dashboard
2. Create a financial strategy

Build processes and financial reports to monitor your business’ success.

business success
3. Achieve business success

Business owners with a clear goal and plan are more likely to achieve success.

Benjamin Franklin once said, “If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail”. Business owners who don’t build a financial strategy are 10 times more likely to fail in achieving their goal than the savvy business owner who takes a day out of their busy life to think, plan and implement.

Set yourself up for success

Build a strategic plan based on your financial data. Validate your pricing model, calculate your staff’s capacity to generate revenue, set clear monthly sales targets to ensure you achieve success.

UMN Benefit 2
understand financial info

Use numbers to build strategy

Build a strategic plan based on your financial data. Validate your pricing model, calculate your staff’s capacity to generate revenue, set clear monthly sales targets to ensure you achieve success.

Tanya’s process works

Tanya has delivered this step-by-step process to 100s of business owners. In this workshop you will build a clear plan to achieve your goals and a process for monitoring your financial results.

tanya process