Financial Workshops for Women in Business

Financial education workshops for business owners

Acceler8 financial education workshops are designed for business owners at any level of financial literacy or stage of business. They are practical, hands-on sessions, where you roll up your sleeves and get into the numbers. Our workshops are held in various locations throughout Australia and are conducted by our Accredited Financial Educators.

All upcoming financial education workshops
Improve your Financial Literacy Workshop

Learn how to read a profit and loss statement, the relationship between profit and cash flow and why your balance sheet is the most important financial report of all.

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Build a Financial Roadmap Workshop

We step you through the process of building a financial roadmap that drives your business to achieve its goals. Build a 12 month budget and ensure you have sufficient cash to support it.

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Avoid a Cash Flow Crisis Workshop

Take control of your finances and reduce financial stress. Build a 52-week cash flow forecast plan so you see the crisis coming and strategies you can deploy to keep your business buoyant.

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Research shows there is a direct link between business success and financial literacy. When business owners understand their numbers they make informed, strategic decisions based on factual analysis rather than “gut” instinct.