Free Tools and Resources for Women in Business

Free tools and resources for business owners

At Acceler8 we are united in one common purpose – to educate, inspire and empower women by improving their financial literacy. Our mission is to help as many women running small business as possible. So we’ve put together a collection of fantastic free resources.

Resource of the month: Bottom Up Budget Tool

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A budget is the most important tool a business woman can have in her toolbox. We understand, for some ladies the word ‘budget’ is about as appealing as the word ‘diet’. It seems to imply what you will go without, rather than what you will achieve. This easy-to-use Google Sheet will help you build a ‘high-level’ budget for your business.

Financial Literacy Quiz

This quiz is designed for women in business and tests your understanding of financial terms, reports, cashflow and key financial drivers in a small business.

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Business Desk Broadcast

Sign up for a monthly broadcast from The Business Desk where we take a fresh look at financial education for women in business. Get one jam packed email every month.

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Bottom Up Budgeting Tool

This easy-to-use Google Sheet will help you build a ‘high-level’ budget for your business using the Acceler8 Bottom Up Budget framework. This tool is delivered via Google Sheets.

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Business Growth Videos

There are six stages in a business women’s growth journey. We’ve created a video series which gives you an in-depth overview of each business growth stage.

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Business Growth Quiz

Take this quiz to understand which growth stage you’re in. This will help you identify (and overcome) the obstacles that could be preventing you from scaling your business.

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Growth Stages eBook

Curious about which growth stage your business is currently in? Tanya Titman explains the six growth stages in a female founder’s business journey.

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Growth Stages Infographic

Explore the six stages in a business women’s growth journey. We’ve created an infographic to give insight into each business growth stage.

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Cash Flow Info Sheet

There are seven levers you can pull to improve cash flow in your business. Use this helpful info sheet to learn more about each lever and how you can increase cash flowing in.

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Acceler8 Business Blog

Real world business advice for business owners in any growth stage. We also share stories about business women are empowered through improved financial literacy.

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