Online Courses and Mentoring for Women in Business

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Online Courses for Women in Business

Acceler8’s online courses are designed for women in business who want to fill a knowledge gap. Learn at your own pace in an environment that suits you. You are fully supported with an online mentor, financial monitoring and facilitated forums that connect you with other women in business.

Address specific knowledge gaps

Business owners wear lots of different hats. Our online courses are designed to improve your knowledge in a specific area – financial information, sales strategies, marketing campaigns, human resource issues. Even if you outsource these tasks, an improved understanding of these topics will make you a more informed, savvy business owner.

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Education without leaving home

No need to battle peak hour traffic, take time out of your business day or sacrifice important family time. Our online courses allow you to study when and where suits you. All the course material, stories, video and education content is available via our website. This is a great option for women needing to balance business and other commitments.

Learning at your own pace

All our online courses are self-paced which means you establish a learning schedule that suits your individual circumstance. The courses are 12 weeks. New course material is released each week. You have 6 months to complete each course. Study at a time that suits you – late at night, on the weekend or during a quiet period at work.

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Join our online community

Every woman participating in the Acceler8 program has access to our online community. We understand success in an online course often depends on how connected you feel – to us and your fellow students. Use our forums and group chats to ask questions, connect with other ladies, create virtual study groups. Our aim is to create a community of supportive, empowered business women.

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Understand My Numbers Course

Women go into business with great passion but often have very little understanding of their financial information. This 12 week course is designed to improve your financial literacy. When you understand your numbers, you can make the right strategic decisions about how to grow your business.

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Manage My Cashflow Course

Cashflow (or lack of it) is a constant challenge for all business women. It’s a critical factor which can lead to the success or demise of your business. This 12 week course gives you the tools and knowledge of how to predict and manage your cashflow to avoid a cashflow crisis.

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Increase My Sales Course

So, you want to acceler8 your business growth. Step one – increase your sales but how? This 12 week course shows you how to speed up your sales process, manage sales pipeline, importance of setting targets and the easiest way to generate sales. This course is full of practical, real world advice from a woman who lives and breathes sales.

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Market My Business Course

Very few business owners are clear about their target market but invest in costly marketing campaigns. This 12 week course teaches you how to defining your ideal customer, optimise your website and track its performance. We look at social media channels and how to write blogs, video and email campaigns that resonate with your ideal customer.

Online Courses
Focus on Growth
Tax Deductible Expense
lisa a testimonial
“What I learned through Acceler8 has given me the knowledge to have meaningful conversation with our bank manager – I don’t feel stupid anymore!”
Lisa Anderson

Ray White Waterford

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“It’s a great way to really get to know your business and what you want to achieve. It’s the push I needed to go out and reach my business and personal goals!”
Lara Watt

Headstart Financial Services

kate testimonial
“I’ve absolutely loved being a part of the Acceler8 Community, learning from other women in business has been inspirational and helped me along my journey.”
Kate Handley

Ray White Waterford

Self paced learning in my own environment - tell me more!

If the idea of learning at a time and place that suits your busy life, sounds like the best option for you – register your interest in our Online Courses. We will send you a notification of when our online courses are released.

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