Acceler8 Program Case Studies and Success Stories

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Read through some of the amazing Acceler8 success stories. Here you will find inspiring results from business women who have enroled in our programs and transformed their lives and businesses. When you understand your numbers and use your financial information to drive business strategy, amazing things happen.

Hear success stories from some of our 2019 Academy Program graduates
Alison Rogers | Vocal Manoeuvres

Vocal Manoeuvres Academy Director, Alison Rogers, gained the faith and confidence from Academy Program that was required to commit fully to her business and turn it around.

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Bev Kinghorn | The Asset Group

Academy Program graduate, Bev Kinghorn, not only challenged her critical thinking when it came to strategic decisions within “The Asset Group” with Freedom Property – she also experienced great personal growth.

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Ali Sheppard | AJ Collective

Ali Sheppard, founder of The AJ Collective, turned her ‘side hustle’ into a profitable business. She credits her recent victories to her improved financial literacy and confidence in her numbers, as a result of Academy Program.

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Aylesha James-Pearson | PF

Performance Frontier’s Operations Manager, Aylesha James-Pearson, was able to take an active role in her business’ finances after being educated and empowered by Academy Program.

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Maddi Lawrence | Slick Azz

During her time in Academy Program, Maddi Lawrence improved her financial literacy, moved her financial management in-house and is now confident having conversations about her numbers with her accountant.

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Hayley Van De Ven | Remax

Remax Results’ Hayley Van de Ven describes her time in Academy Program as “transformational”. If it weren’t for the financial education she received, she believes she would not still have a business.

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Jessica Reynolds | UPQLD

Jessica Reynolds, Director of Urban Planning Queensland, believes in the power of the ‘Collective Genius’ found in a room full of empowered women seeking the same growth in their businesses.

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Kim Rumble | TCPA

Despite her experience in business, Kim Rumble of The Compounding Pharmacy Australia was excited to glean wisdom from Academy Program that she could take back to her business to improve in all areas.

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Annette Lose | LeDrew

Annette Lose, of LeDrew Business Solutions, credits her newfound self-confidence as a business woman to Academy Program. Already comfortable with her numbers, Annette is now well-versed in marketing too.

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Leanne Laing | YBBD

Academy Program graduate, Leanne Laing, was amazed to see what can be achieved when women in business come together to create a supportive, nurturing environment. Her business, Your Body by Design, reaped the rewards.

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Trish Thomson | SSI

After Academy Program, Trish Thomson now feels she understands every aspect of her business, Smart Staff International. She is now able to confidently support her team to maintain sustainable profitability.

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Tania Withers | The Vet Shed

Tania Withers had 10 years of experience as a vet nurse, but as owner of The Vet Shed, Academy Program was able to equip her to deal with unexpectedly rapid growth. She’s now decisive, and confident in her strategic decisions.

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Jodie Parker | Iceberg Events

As director of Iceberg Events, Jodie Parker wanted to set the business up for success, so she could step back feeling confident that things would keep running smoothly. She has done so with the support of Academy Program.

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Terri Macchion | Ambrose People

In just nine months, Ambrose People’s year-to-date income had already surpassed the previous financial year’s total. This is due to Terri Macchion’s determination to excel in Academy Program.

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Jennah Grimsey | CBD Massage

It took eight months of participating in Academy Program for Jennah Grimby to build up the confidence to increase the prices at her business, CBD Massage. The results were sensational.

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Emma Horne | Zenith Hire

Six months into Academy Program, Zenith Crane Truck Hire achieved a 40% increase in sales and reduced running costs by 10%. Emma Horne now has a great understanding of the business’ finances and marketing.

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