Meet Terri Macchion

Meet Terri Macchion from Ambrose People

Ambrose Strategic People Solutions is a boutique consulting firm based in the Brisbane CBD that specialises in workplace behavioural profiling. The owner, Terri Macchion, helps businesses build high-performing teams through better understanding their employees’ behavioural styles.

The Problem

When Terri Macchion bought a legal recruitment business in 2012, it was her opportunity to escape corporate politics and find meaning in her work. But she felt her efforts went largely unappreciated, and she could see that things needed to change—she just didn’t know where to start.

“It felt like I was still running someone else’s business, struggling to make it mine.” Feeling a little out of her depth, Terri joined a networking group, which led her to Tanya and the Acceler8 program.

The Solution

From her very first Acceler8 information session, Terri knew she was in the right place. “Tanya was full of great ideas to get started, and I left thinking, ‘I can really do this!’”

With Tanya’s guidance, Terri identified that her lack of passion for recruitment was making it difficult for her to sell her services convincingly. So Tanya suggested offering an additional service that would attract new clients while still benefitting Terri’s existing clients: behavioural profiling.

Terri gained Extended DISC accreditation, but still faced major challenges in connecting with new customers. After the Acceler8 program’s marketing workshop, Terri worked with a graphic designer to develop targeted marketing collateral that forms the basis of her discussions with new leads, creating a memorable first impression.

“My business needs to make money, but I also want to love what I’m doing and make a real difference for my clients. Tanya helped me change my business direction, so I earn more and I’m having more fun doing it.”

The Results

Changing direction is always a scary step, but Terri’s results speak for themselves: in just nine months, her year-to-date income had already surpassed the previous financial year’s total. But, more importantly, Terri has rediscovered her passion for running her own business. “With Tanya’s help, I’ve really made the business my own.” She’s even got a brand new logo and website to match the new direction, and will be looking to hire her first employee in the next financial year.

Terri is returning to the Acceler8 program in 2017, this time to focus on growing her successfully transformed business. “By signing up again, I’m making a commitment to my ongoing business and professional development.”