Meet Jennah Grimsey

Meet Jennah Grimsey from Brisbane CBD Massage
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Brisbane CBD Massage offers clients remedial and sports massage in the heart of the city. Jennah is the business owner and only massage therapist. Her clients are based in the CBD and are mostly corporate professionals.

The Problem

As a sole operator, Jennah had a capacity issue. Her revenue is capped at the number of hours she is willing to work. Massage is a physically demanding profession. Jennah wanted to limit her massage hours to 25 hours per week. To protect her body and ensure she has time to manage the business admin and marketing.

The Solution

Through the Acceler8 program, Jennah identified there are two ways she could achieve business growth – hire another massage therapist or increase her prices. With Tanya’s help, Jennah explored the costs associated with employing a second therapist. This required finding larger premise and investing in marketing to increase her client base to ensure enough work for a second therapist.

After reviewing the numbers, it was hard to justify this course of action. Increasing her hourly rate was an obvious choice but it took 8 months of participating in the Academy Program for Jennah to build up the confidence to increase her prices. The results were sensational.

“Increasing my prices was a scary step but the results have been fantastic. I retained all my clients and now work five hours less each week without seeing a dip in revenue.”

The Results

Jennah increased her prices by $20 for a 60 minute massage. She didn’t lose a single client and is now busier than ever. Importantly, Jennah can now work five hours less each week for the same revenue. As part of this process, Tanya helped Jennah identify her target market and ideal customer and then outlined and implemented a marketing strategy to reach them.