Meet Hayley Van De Ven

Meet Hayley Van De Ven from Remax Results

“Three years ago I would have rather poked my eyes out with hot needles than attend another boring meeting with my accountant. Not going to lie it wasn’t because I didn’t like my accountant – I just didn’t understand the numbers. The numbers side of being a business owner can be easily delegated to third parties but if I was starting again this is one thing I wouldn’t delegate. The key people in your corner are an AWESOME accountant and a BRILLIANT team of financial advisers.

I now feel so educated in this space not bogged down and afraid of the numbers! I’m still learning every month but the investment of my time in “business school” was the difference in us surviving or thriving. At Acceler8 Program I never felt mansplained or stupid, I never felt embarrassed for not knowing better. They are such a friendly bunch who have become part of my inner circle and mentor me to make better financial decisions for me and my business. Thanks Ladies. Acceler8 Program YOU ROCK!!”