Meet Emma Horne

Meet Emma Horne from Zenith Crane Truck Hire
emma horne zenith crane

Zenith Crane Truck Hire is a family owned transportation business. Warren and Emma have been operating throughout Brisbane, Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast for over 10 years. They’re serious about their motto ‘let us take the load off’.

The Problem

Following the dissolution of their original family business, Emma found herself managing the company’s financial position. She was keeping on top of accounts payable and receivable but had no idea if the business was going well. Her gauge for business success – “if Warren is busy and there is money in the bank account, things must be going OK.”

“Like many family businesses we’ve experienced our fair share of highs and lows. Acceler8 Program helped us get a handle on our businesses finances and rebuild Zenith Crane Truck Hire after our original family partnership dissolved.”

The Solution

Emma was an ideal candidate for the Acceler8 Academy Program.

  • Importance of having a business goal and exit strategy
  • Relationship between a Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statement
  • How and when to grow their business
  • What is their ideal customer
  • Marketing strategies to attract these customers

“I am a more confident business woman thanks to Tanya and her financial education program.”

The Results

After just six months of participating in the Academy Program, Zenith Crane Truck Hire has achieved a 40% increase in sales and reduced running costs by 10%. More importantly, Emma now has a really good understanding of the businesses financial position, she has launched a new website and implemented new marketing strategies to attract the best kind of customers to her business.