Meet Tanya Titman and the Acceler8 Program Team

What’s our why? Helping you to grow

Educating, inspiring and empowering women to achieve their business and personal goals is why we get out of bed every day. When you join the Acceler8 Program every single one of us is dedicated to helping you change your life.

tanya team

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Meet Tanya Titman

Acceler8 Founder / Business Turnaround Specialist

Tanya Titman, experienced business coach and mentor, is an award winning accountant with over 20 years of real world experience. She has four lovely children and runs multiple businesses with team of over 25 staff. Innovation has been the cornerstone of Tanya’s success. She is renowned for her initiatives to support women in the workplace and is credited with creating Brisbane’s first self funded onsite childcare facility for her team.

Tanya loves working with women in business to empower them with the knowledge of their numbers. She has a unique ability to both inspire and create accountability in order to challenge women to achieve their goals.

Combining a busy life of four children, multiple business, a husband of 21 years with his own business, multiple house renovations, charity treks and annual adventure holidays with the family, it’s a wonder Tanya has any time to sleep! She manages all this with a calmness that has us all wondering how she does it. But she will tell you it is not easy and some days are a struggle. It is this ‘warts and all’ approach that makes her a sympathetic but no nonsense mentor.

rebecca team

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Meet Rebecca White

Sales and Marketing Specialist / Mentor

Rebecca started her career in London with an international PR company. After several years of grey days and rain, she returned to sunny Australia and established her own business, a PR/Marketing company with national clients. Like so many small businesses, Rebecca ended up closing the doors and returning to corporate life. If she’d had Tanya Titman as her mentor things might have been different.

Now an expert in all that’s to do with sales, marketing, social media and website development, Rebecca loves working with women in business to streamline their sales and marketing strategy.

Rebecca is a mum to three gorgeous children and has a busy life made that little bit easier by the on site childcare that Tanya provides to the team. Rebecca’s enthusiasm for life is infectious and she is never one to shy away from a challenge. She is at the top of our leader board in our wellness program and took on the challenge of the ‘Brissie to Bay’ bike ride with her son (even after breaking her wrist during training).

angela home

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Meet Angela Sibly

Financial Specialist / Mentor

Angela has a passion for training and technology having spent many years as part of the training and implementation team at Xero. After leaving the corporate world, Angela started her own bookkeeping and training business. Supporting small business owners and helping them understand their numbers, Angela is a guru when it comes to all things financial.

When it comes to fun, Angela is your ‘go to’ person. She is bright, bubbly, and full of adventure. Mountain biking is the sport of choice to keep fit after recently acquiring a supercharged Mountain bike. Getting out on the tracks with her husband, is the ideal way to spend a day. Having just celebrated her 21st wedding anniversary, Angela is a mum to two sons who share her passion for life and adventure.

Angela has joined the Acceler8 Program Team to support women on their journey through the ups and downs of building a business. Having experienced that journey and the power of the Acceler8 program first hand, Angela is your ‘go to’ mentor when it comes to financial education.


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Meet Kana Mizue

Financial Specialist / Mentor

Kana has a (well deserved) reputation of being a super cool, calm and collected tax specialist. She also knows her stuff in the superannuation space, earning her the nick name Super(annuation) Women. Kana is our inhouse Fathom guru. Fathom is the cloud based business intelligence program we use to turn financial data into meaningful graphics that help women understand their businesses true financial position.

Most recently Kana has become involved with her partners small business. Like most small business owners, she wears multiple hats helping with operations, sales and financial management for this business.

Kana is from Japan and is very dedicated to her family making regular trips home. She also used to moonlight as an SBS News Reporter for a Japanese radio program. Be sure to say “konnichiwa” if you have the pleasure of chatting with Kana.

We love the change we see in the women who come to us on the verge of throwing it all away. Seeing their transformation as they find their passion again, witnessing their ‘light bulb moments’ and sharing all the wins with them along the way.

peta team

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Meet Peta Cullen

Financial Specialist / Mentor

Having been on the journey with Tanya for almost 15 years, Peta is our meticulous and methodical financial expert. She has spent many years working closely with Tanya and her clients to assist in cashflow management, debtor processes, financial reporting and systems and procedures for financial control.

Peta is also a mum of four gorgeous young children. Having given birth to her youngest child in January 2017, Peta is amazing at juggling life and work and never manages to drop a ball! She takes everything in her stride and is our cool, calm and collected financial specialist.

It is a bit of theme with the Acceler8 Team that you have experienced running your own business. Peta ticks this part of the list too, having run her own bookkeeping business for many years. She brings a wealth of experience to the Acceler8 Program.

shelley team

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Meet Shelley van Hoos

HR Specialist / Mentor

Shelley has accumulated strong skills in a variety of areas, across multiple industries including IT Service Management, Queensland Public Health Sector and a large national Not For Profit organisations.

From Brisbane, London, Melbourne and now back to the Sunshine State, Shelley is our HR Specialist with a passion for communication. Having worked across multiple industries in high growth organisations, Shelley understands the importance of team engagement and finding the right people for the right roles. She is an accredited trainer with Extended Disc – a work based profiling tool that provides incredible insights into communication styles.

A busy mum and a master of multi-tasking, Shelley enjoys camping and spending time with her young family. She also loves travelling overseas and has a keen sense of adventure having recently experienced sky-diving for the first time in her life!

samara team

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Meet Samara Thomson

Creative Design Specialist

Meet Samara – she is our design, brand and website Creative Coordinator. With meticulous attention to detail, an expanding portfolio and keen understanding of brand, marketing and social media know-how, Samara is a wealth of information when it comes to building and promoting your brand.

Samara is responsible for the design DNA for the Consolid8 and Acceler8 brands and has worked with numerous clients to create branding and design solutions. Samara’s work is seen throughout the entire program, from the website to online program to our academy workbooks and our videos. She is a multi-talented quiet achiever.

And her creativity extends far beyond the workplace. Samara has the most amazing singing voice, she plays guitar, puts on an awesome morning teas and excels at cooking Japanese food. You won’t see Samara out front presenting or even on our videos but you will see her work everywhere you look!

cath team

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Meet Catherine Young

Acceler8 Program Customer Support

Cath is part of Acceler8’s super-efficient, super-organized Customer Support Crew. Cath has an extensive background in professional services, previously working as a PA to the Managing Director of a global company. One of the many things we love about Cath is if she says she’s going to do something…it will get done.

Cath is a keen tennis player and is fluent is Japenese and German languages. She is also a qualified secondary school teacher and would like to add Spanish to the list of languages that she can speak. She is super athletic and can even still do elastics (for those old enough to know what that is!).

She’s juggled raising three beautiful children whilst assisting her husband build and run an online au-pair business. Cath truly understands the challenges of running a business and a family.